This is my first website

Seems easy, Tiger

This is a paragraph.

This paragraph will be different, it will have a page break for the next sentence (wait for it.)
See, next an important paragraph.

This was important; not as important as hay is.

Hay is for everyone

Around two years ago, I found myself graduated. It seems to be a thing to build yourself a portfolio to get a job as an architect. I have failed quite a few times to expose my portfolio and give myself some credit for what I have done in the last 8 years. What I come up to is a list of outcomes that show nothing about what I really am or what I want to do. That is why after 667 days of being an architect I have no job as an architect.

I want to destroy these outcomes, I no longer want to carry them or remember them.
I could burn my external drive or simply erase all the data, but I need a space , a space to destroy my projects, a place to erase a chair that I made in the woods, a 3 story house I built with 17 other architects, a thesis that didn't have a thesis, a blank, another blank in blank.

I cannot burn anything, there are no things to be burnt.

special thanks